Monthly Memberships for Wellness

Work with your body
monthly wellness offerings from fitness, floating therapy, chiropractor and more

Work with your body in one of these less-conventional ways.


float therapy to promote wellness and relaxation

Capitol Floats
3513 Broadway;

Floating: the act of becoming a human buoy in a soundproof, pitch-black tank filled with about a foot of salt water. The water and room are about the same temperature as your skin, so after a while, you don’t sense the environment, either. For an hour, you’re on a stationary journey, free of push notifications. People who float report profound relaxation, enhanced creativity, better sleep and pain relief.
Monthly pass (2 floats per month): $99


salt room meditation to promote calmness and peace

Heavenly Salt Therapy
3325 Folsom Blvd.;

Perhaps the cure for feeling salty these days is to just . . . add more salt. With salt therapy, you enter a salt room, sit back in a chair and put your feet up—or not. You can also lie there and play in the salt. Regardless of your approach, the room fills with tiny salt particles, and all you have to do is breathe. Salt room enthusiasts say the practice helps them feel better, reduces stress and headaches, improves skin, increases energy and promotes better sleep.
Unlimited monthly pass: $129


Asha Urban Baths
2417 27th St.;

Slow down and relax at this co-ed bathhouse alone or with friends. (But keep your voices down and conversations peaceful: It’s a house rule.) The communal space offers a warm soak, a cold plunge for the daring, and a sauna.
Unlimited monthly pass: $295


fitness studio to promote wellness

her Elevated
1900 28th St.;

As a fitness studio for women that feels less like a gym and more like a community of wellness, support and love, her Elevated makes this promise: You enter with any mood, and you always leave feeling great. The studio offers small and intimate strength and cardio classes designed for multiple levels of fitness, plus yoga on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.
Monthly pass: 2 classes
per week $110; 3 classes
per week $140


slow yoga

The Summer Moon
2910 Franklin Blvd.;

This yoga studio’s classes reflect the time of day. Mornings are for “sun practices,” or vinyasa-and hatha-based classes that are warming, breath-centered and fluid. Evenings are for “moon practices,” or nurturing and slower classes that reflect the energies of yin, restorative and nidra. For yogis who are used to practices peppered with chatarungas and handstands, yoga nidra can be a welcome change of pace: You settle in a comfortable reclined position for a guided meditation that brings clarity and calm.
Monthly unlimited pass: $111


chiropractic therapy

The Joint Chiropractic
Multiple locations;

Chiropractors are licensed health care professionals who emphasize the body’s ability to heal itself. Using quick and gentle joint manipulations as well as sustained pressure and stretching, chiropractors can help provide relief from muscle pain, joint pain and conditions like arthritis, sciatica or scoliosis.
Monthly pass (4 visits per month): $89



The Boulder Field
8425 Belvedere Ave. #100;

Climbing is a mental and physical exercise that’s a little bit different from any other type of workout. For example, how often do you think about the muscles in your fingers and forearms? (After your first session, you will find yourself thinking about them often.) While many bouldering enthusiasts use the gym as practice for climbing real rock formations, plenty of others just enjoy the bouldering gym environment. Unlike top rope, which requires you to have a belay partner, bouldering can be done solo due to the lack of equipment. Bouldering is done only 8 to 15 feet from the ground. When you’re done, just hop off onto a thick mat.
One month prepaid: $120; monthly recurring
membership: $83/month plus $100 EFT fee



Humani Pilates
2760 21st St.;

Pilates is the exercise that looks like it’s done on an ancient torture table. (It’s called a reformer.) Created by Joseph Pilates, the practice is meant to restructure and re-pattern bodies prone to sitting and slouching into ones that are uniformly strong and functional. Devotees say you will experience breakthroughs and feel muscles that you never knew you had. As underdeveloped muscles become stronger, chronically overused and tense muscles that have been compensating are able to release.
$299 for 4 classes per week,
or up to 16 classes in 30 days