Map Out Some Time for “Road Trip”

Art pieces by Kathy Dana
limitless trip

The consensus among pandemic experts – one vocation that certainly has enjoyed a resurgence this peculiar yearis that carefully conducted car trips pose lower COVID-19 risks than does airline travel. For those of us itching to get out and far about, there might be no safer option.

You can see a lot through a vehicle’s windshield or windows, and you are under no obligation to breathe stuffy, heated air through a mask. Hitting the open road has long been an American obsession and is an enhanced temptation in these trying times.


Local artist Kathy Dana taps into that free-ranging spirit with her one-person show “Road Trip: Scenes From the Car Window” from July 10 through Aug. 1 at the Sparrow Gallery. The studio, which is open to in-person visitation under coronavirus-triggered guidelines (hand sanitizer provided, masks required, physical distancing requested, limited capacity enforced), is a few blocks south of the Capitol at 1021 R St., Suite 120. It is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

blue trip

 “Two years and many miles in the making,” Dana says in describing her new exhibit, these works are inspired by what I’ve witnessed while gazing out the car window (passenger side, of course) . . . and admittedly daydreaming about life, our beautiful planet, and sometimes, ahhhh! . . . nothing at all.

Dana’s artwork has been featured several times on the covers of Inside Publications and at the Tim Collom Gallery. Learn more about Dana and find images of “Road Trip” at her website.

coastin trip

Sparrow Gallery is in the Arthouse Building, all of whose shops will celebrate Second Saturday this coming weekend, on July 11, from 1 until 6 p.m. Learn more at Arthouse’s Facebook page.


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