Love Thy Neighbors

Artwork by Lars Leetaru
love thy neighbors

A lightly edited excerpt from East Sacramento’s Nextdoor neighborhood website.

Day 1
Patti, River Park: My friend’s daughter has been hearing a cat crying for 3-4 days. She finally figured out it was up in a tree. It’s about 10 feet higher than the roof of her two story apartment building. She called the fire dept and can’t find anyone to help. It’s at xxxx Riverside blvd sac apt xxx. Go to the door and someone will show you where the cat is. The kid’s name is B. that lives there. His number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Does anyone own a truck with a boom or know a tree trimmer that can help? Please let me know if you can help. xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you.

Linda, Woodlake: Oh I just get a pit in my stomach about the troubles cats often find themselves in . . . are there folks who really care for cats that can network together in the attempts needed to go forward???

Inna, River Park: Have you tried contacting councilman xx’s office? He/his staff should at least know whom to call or if it is the fire department they may have more luck getting them to come out.

Karen, East Sac: Maybe call SMUD, PG&E, Comcast. Maybe they could help if they have someone in the neighborhood.

Patti, River Park: I’m sure (the councilperson’s) office won’t answer. I’ll try PG&E and SMUD.

Gabriel, East Sac: The local FD didn’t help? In addition to the above recommendations (SMUD, Comcast, etc.), try calling an arborist.

Patti, River Park: Local FD said no.

Nadia, Campus Commons: If you could get a carpet or fabric covered board or ladder from the roof to one of the branches, the kitty will likely get down on its own. Food and water will be a good lure. Poor baby.

Patricia, East Sac: I would also have people you know with a Facebook page post this on their page to increase the chances of finding a construction guy with a lift to help!! I have a friend who lives in McKinley Park who owns a window washing company and maybe he has something to get up there! I’ll let you know in the morning! Poor little kitty!

Maggie, Sierra Oaks West: It’s gonna start raining also tomorrow I believe.

Patricia, East Sac: Like the ladies above suggested, I would also call several arborists ASAP! We’ve got to get that baby out of the tree before the rain starts!!

Joseph, East Sac: Throw a rock or shoot a gun in the air . . . it’ll come down and it’ll be fine. Not even joking, I’m reading all of the other suggestions and they don’t seem to be working too well.

Patricia, East Sac: Joseph, after a cat has been stuck in a tree for more than 2 days they become dehydrated and weak so even if you throw a rock or shot a gun off they usually won’t come down if they don’t have the strength to do so.


Day 2

Marsha, Elmhurst: In 2003, Dan Kraus started this website If you need help rescuing your cat, there is a directory of climbers with locations around the world, committed to rescuing cats stuck in trees (see the directory).

Tammy, Campus Commons: In the link provided by Marsha, it looks like there is someone in Granite Bay who might be able to help.

Beth, East Sac: There are lots of stories online about cats in Sacramento stuck in trees being rescued by tree trimming companies or arborists. Along with Ken Speck on the website mentioned above, if someone can Google some local companies and call them first thing in the morning that’d be good. One company, xxx xxxx xxxxx, has helped before so they’re worth a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx. They open at 8 a.m. if someone can call.

Kathy, East Sac: One of the news stations has a “Call for Action” service. Maybe make them one of your calls. Our taxes just don’t go as far as they used to as when you COULD call the firehouse or the city (they have tree trimming equipment) for help.

Val, East Sac: I’ll see if my husband can come over. He is a rock climber with a tall ladder.

Emily, River Park: PG&E only serves gas in Sacramento. They won’t have any locally available boom trucks and they wouldn’t be able to assist anyway.

Patti, River Park: Ken Speck is supposed to be there around noonish to help.

Patricia, East Sac: Val—has your husband headed over yet? Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Patti is working today so I’m intervening for her! I called Ken Speck at Granite Bay cat rescue and he’s on a job right now but is coming out this afternoon or tonight. I told him the kitty has been there for 3-4 days now, is most likely dehydrated, malnourished and very weak, plus we have the rain coming so please hurry, and he said he’ll be out as FAST as he can! He was a very sincere and kind-hearted man!!!

Patricia, East Sac: Next thing I need to do is arrange for immediate medical care once we get the kitty down. He will most likely need to have IV’s put on him ASAP to rehydrate him and the proper food. I read a lot of research last night and it said when kitties are stuck in trees for this long, even if you rescue them, they can most likely die because of the starvation and dehydration they experienced over the period of time while they were stuck. We need PRAYERS people, lots of prayer for this little guy!! I’ll keep you posted.

Danielle, Arden West: Omg, that cat must be thirsty, starving, and freezing! Call 311, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Cindy, East Sac: Was the kitty rescued?

Patti, River Park: Kitty has not been rescued yet. Patricia is taking the lead on this because I have some appts with a couple elderly folks that I look after. Danielle, Patricia already said that she’ll be taking kitty to the vet. I’m so thankful for Patricia.

Anne, East Sac: Please keep us posted, I’m following the story.

Patricia, East Sac: UPDATE 12:34 p.m. Hello neighbors I will be meeting Ken Speck at the rescue site and have made appt to immediately take kitty to the vet once it’s in my arms, to get proper hydration, nourishment, and care! Apparently they don’t know who the cat belongs to or if he even has an owner. I would like to ask for any donation$ towards the vet costs. If we all pitch in we can cover the cost together and it would be greatly appreciated!! Please PM me and let me know the donation amount you can give and together this kitty will have good care and more love than he ever did before he climbed that stinking tree!

Val, East Sacramento Husband said he stopped by and couldn’t hear a cat, maybe it got rescued? Edit: Never mind; he found her.



Update from Patti, River Park, two weeks after vet visit: Kitty is doing great! Not chipped or fixed. Still trying to locate the owner. Patricia is taking great care of her.