Last Call: Is Paul Robins the Healthiest Man in Sacramento?


This past March, Y92.5 morning show host Paul Robins ran 92.5 miles in 23 hours and 14 minutes to raise funds for Atkinson Youth Services, which provides aid to area children, families and those with special needs. Given the running prowess he displayed in Paul’s Long Run to Raley’s, is Robins the Healthiest Man in Sacramento? You decide.

• Keeps sharp by hosting The Paul Show, weekday mornings on KGBY 92.5 FM

• While running, stays hydrated and fueled with Gatorade Rain, Jelly Belly Sport Beans and, for really long runs, Hammer Perpetuem. They say it tastes like an Orange Dreamsicle, but that’s a very generous description, Robins says.

• Chats with running buddies or zones out during runs. Occasionally listens to recorded books. (Listened to The Chronicles of Narnia while training for the 92.5-mile run)

• Typically runs in shorts and shirts with cut-out necks and chopped-down sleeves

• Gets about five hours of sleep on weeknights, about eight hours on weekends

• Suffers from plantar fasciitis in right foot, right knee pops regularly, and calves are prone to injury

• Circuit trains when working toward a running goal; does a century (100-mile bike ride) every other year

• Powered by Asics GT-2110 from Fleet Feet Sports

• Skips breakfast, often lunches on a big salad or deli sandwich and eats a big dinner; loves KFC Snacker sandwiches and eats candy every day

• Stays motivated thanks to his running buddies, including best friend, Marty. But when working toward a specific event, is pretty driven and self-motivated