Keeping Beer Alive

keeping beer alive

With approximately 80 breweries in the Sacramento region, it’s no surprise beer is one of residents’ (and visitors’) favorite local products. The Sacramento Area Brewers Guild was formed in 2005 to bolster Sacramento’s position as a world-class beer destination. “The guild’s mission is to increase the success of all of its members through education, professional development and collective collaboration,” says Ryan Campagna, brewmaster at Touchstone Brewing Company and a trustee on the SABG board.

The group brings visitors to local breweries, working alongside the tourism and hospitality industries. It also curates partnerships and uses the knowledge of the larger group to better help the individual breweries. Through a social media platform, brewers and owners can participate in collective purchasing power and borrow, sell and trade equipment. Instead of regarding each other as competitors, many see themselves as collaborators.

To join, breweries simply need to reach out to the guild. Also, a committee is responsible for contacting new breweries about membership as well as maintaining current memberships.

One of the biggest perks of joining the guild, according to Campagna, is the invitation to participate in Sacramento Beer Week, a nine-day celebration of Sacramento breweries and the Sacramento craft beer community, including restaurants, tap houses and bars. On the calendar for April 22 through May 1, the week includes brewery- and retailer-hosted events. There’s also the five-course, beer-paired Capitol Brewers Dinner happening March 11 at Mulvaney’s B&L. Another SABG project: the Sacramento Beer Frontier map and passport, available for $20, with options for collecting stamps to earn a bottle opener and koozie.

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