In Case of Evacuation

From “12 Step Guide To Help Plan in Advance for an Evacuation,” by Katie Hepler.
12 step evacuation plan

We like to think it’ll never happen to us, but each summer, it becomes clearer that we’d better be prepared for a fire evacuation. Here we share some tips from Katie Hepler, a Sacramento resident whose parents lost their home in the Butte Fire in Calaveras County, who has made it her calling to help others be well-prepared in case of emergency. For her detailed instructions on how to complete each of these steps, go to the California Fire Support Group,, and do a quick search for “12 step.”

  1. Make an evacuation plan
  2. Create an evacuation plan binder
  3. Sign up for emergency alerts
  4. Keep your car full of gas and maintained
  5. Organize your home and belongings
  6. Photograph everything
  7. Identify vital documents/create household binder
  8. Make or buy “go” bags
  9. Prioritize belongs/make a list
  10. Label items for easy ID
  11. Practice
  12. Revisit and revise

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