Here Comes the LWD


This summer, make room in your closet for the Little White Dress.

Chances are you already own its sartorial sister, the Little Black Dress. Like the LBD, the LWD is a wardrobe classic that can take you just about anywhere, from day to evening, casual to dressy. “A white dress is crisp and refreshing,” says Katia Davies-Kemmler, owner of the East Sacramento boutique Katia’s Collections. “It has a huge place in the summer wardrobe because it’s so fresh.”

According to local retailers, LWDs are flying out of the stores. Barbara Lym, who owns Serendipity Boutique in East Sac and Roseville, says a simple white dress with a ruffled neckline, by Velvet, quickly sold out. So did a white tank dress by James Perse. The LWD comes in a multitude of styles, from strapless sundresses to long, gauzy, romantic dresses. But beware: White is not as easy to wear as slimming black. “It’s not as flattering on all body types,” warns Lym. “You have to be careful about the cut and style.”

How best to wear your LWD? Mary Kawano, owner of Sugar Shack in midtown and Krazy Mary’s in East Sac, likes to accessorize with an earth-tone wedge shoe and chunky turquoise jewelry. She also recommends dressing it up with a belt or scarf for evening. And as for that old saw about not wearing white after Labor Day? Pshaw, says Davies-Kemmler. “One of the great things about Sacramento is our long summer,” she notes. “As long as it’s hot, you can definitely keep wearing white.”