Feel Soul Happy

Illustration by Mariah Quintanilla
soul happy

Some have said that one session with intuitive Aimee Leigh of Soul Happy, a sanctuary in historic downtown Folsom, has been more effective than a year’s worth of therapy. That’s because Leigh does things a little differently. A spiritual teacher, healer, and intuitive guide, she says she has the ability to see people’s energies (“like movie reels”) and focuses this skill on helping others find clarity, validation, peace, healing and empowerment. During her one-hour Truthseeker clairvoyant reading, you sit with your eyes open and feet resting on the floor while she communicates what she sees and helps you energetically release what is holding you back, whether it be related to relationships, careers or just life in general. Even better, she says she will also guide you in how to connect with your intuition yourself, so when you feel unsure or stuck, you are equipped to make more mindful and authentic decisions. “Everybody is intuitive,” says Leigh. “We are taught to turn it off. But this is work for everybody—it’s simple and not as far-fetched as we think. I’m teaching people that they have their own answers.”

Soul Happy