Eskaton: A Commitment to Innovation


Eskaton has been a trusted advisor and provider of senior living and services throughout Northern California for over 50 years. As a local nonprofit, we are committed to meeting the needs of older adults and their families with compassion, honesty and innovative solutions that support their health and well-being. The Eskaton Difference lies in our life-enriching signature programs and comprehensive spectrum of services, offering older adults diverse choices and integrating technological advancements into daily living. With a national reputation for innovation, Eskaton remains focused on creating a culture of purposeful living and being a catalyst for change.

At Eskaton, we believe in empowering residents by developing living environments that provide them with the highest levels of control and adaptability. To achieve this goal, Eskaton partnered with K4Connect and Amazon Alexa to integrate voice-activated and smart sensor technology into residential living apartments, using every day devices such as lights and thermostats. The integration of voice-control is transforming the way residents, regardless of age or physical ability, interact with and personalize their homes. Nearly 80% of residents use Alexa every day, whether asking to hear a favorite song, setting reminders or turning on the lights when entering the restroom. For residents with mobility or vision issues, these features are exceptionally useful and easy to use.

The corresponding K4Connect app provides residents with easy access to community information and their peers, linking them to family, friends and community life. The many features of the app include a directory with resident photos, community photos, daily menus, upcoming events and the ability to communicate with family members via video chat calls. The K4Connect family app also makes it simple for family members to contact their loved ones living at Eskaton, check the menu and view the community announcements, themselves.

Beyond the integration of smart home technology, Eskaton has also partnered with SafelyYou to assist care partners in identifying and mitigating fall risk among residents. SafelyYou is an innovative artificial technology (AI) system designed to detect and reduce fall risk for older adults. During the pilot program, this technology reduced the number of unnecessary ER visits for residents by 93% and continues to assist care partners in identifying risk factors that contribute to falls.

These partnerships are only two examples of Eskaton’s determination to improve the quality of life of their residents by identifying and implementing innovative solutions. For more information on these and other Eskaton programs, please visit

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