Empowering Women From Outside In

Photos provided by Derica Birks.
empowering women

It started as an idea Derica Birks, CEO and founder of Your Heart’s Deziare, dreamed of as she welcomed women into the chair she rented from Posh Extension Bar in downtown Sacramento.

In May this past year, Birks used her certifications as life coach, sexual assault and domestic violence counselor and licensed cosmetologist to turn her dream into a reality. She officially established her non-profit, Your Heart’s Deziare, a beauty and wellness organization dedicated to nurturing, protecting, teaching and supporting women who face harsh troubles and violence.

women painting

Birks realized she easily became a therapist, a confidant to several of her clients who would disclose that they were victims of abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence.

“I am a survivor myself,” says Birks. “I have been homeless and experienced sexual assault. I wish I had this kind of support and guidance at a young age, at an age where I was innocent and naïve and pure-hearted.

YHD is much more than a chance for women to get their makeup or hair done and feeling good in that momentThis is a haven for them to find peacebuild inner confidence while also healingThey truly embrace and live out their motto, “Encouraging Eternal Beauty from Within.”

women doing yoga

The team of 13 at YHD hosts various events to support the women they serve and provide them with outlets to release stress and build relationships within this community. Some of these include yoga classes, dance lessons, sip and paints, and thrift mixers where there is a free exchange of clothing.

Birks makes sure to actively train her staff how to recognize signs of domestic violence and the importance of listening to their clientsor “beauty angels” as she calls them.

heart's deziare

Ways to help: Reach out and seek volunteer opportunities. Participate in one of their events. Donations are accepted. Email info@yourheartsdeziare.org for more information.