Dinosaurs at the Zoo

Dinophiles, see this animatronic display at the Sac Zoo.
sacramento zoo dino experience

The Sacramento Zoo has long been the place we journey to catch glimpses of our favorite animals—from bright, bold and winged to slimy and green to furry. In October, the zoo launched a new kind of experience, one that ditched the traditional animal enclosure to bring families up close and personal with life-size robotic dinosaurs, the ancestors of some of the zoo’s current inhabitants.

Until April 17, the zoo will house more than 20 animatronic dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era, including a 40-foot T. rex, a pack of feathered deinonychuses, a maiasaura mother and baby and a pachycephalosaurus. The lifelike creatures were created by Dino Don Inc. (of “Shark Tank” and “Jurassic Park” fame) to mimic what scientists believe dinosaurs were actually like. His work advising on Steven Spielberg’s classic films as well as his dedication to the science of dinosaurs ensures authenticity during the display—or as much authenticity as you can muster when you’re using wires and batteries instead of flesh and bone. But beware: Small children may get frightened at the dinos’ big sounds and movements.

zoo dino experience

A dinosaur map makes finding your favorites easy. While paper maps are still suspended at the zoo, an online map is downloadable prior to visiting or at the gates via a QR code. Here, kids can search out a large range of dinosaurs including triceratops, stegosaurus, spinosaurus and allosaurus.

The temporary exhibit is part of a regular admission ticket, available to view at no additional cost.

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