Dinosaur Safari

The Sacramento Zoo is bringing dinosaurs back! You can see life-size animatronic dinosaurs at “Dinosaur Safari,” which opens April 1.

Do you dig dinosaurs? Then you’ll be happy to learn that you can see life-size animatronic dinosaurs at the Sacramento Zoo when “Dinosaur Safari” opens on Saturday, April 1. Throughout the zoo you’ll find more than 20 full-size robotic dinos, including a 65-foot-long Brachiosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Pachycephalosaurus, among other hard-to-pronounce representatives of the Mesozoic Era.

What: Dinosaur Safari
Where: Sacramento Zoo, 3930 West Land Park Drive
When: April 1, 2023 through March 2024
Cost: Included in the price of zoo admission. Free to Sac Zoo members.