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Photography by Gabriel Teague

A pair of journalists sows their gardening expertise online.

It’s been said that all politics is local. Same goes for gardening. That’s why two former Sacramento Bee writers have launched a blog focused on providing helpful advice specific to gardening in the Sacramento region.

“There are no other comparable resources for current garden news on a daily basis,” says Debbie Arrington, who founded the blog, Sacramento Digs Gardening, with her former colleague Kathy Morrison.

Both women had written for The Bee for about 20 years when the paper curtailed its home-and-garden coverage, leaving local gardeners wanting for topical gardening stories. “We just feel that gardening is local and that gap needed to be filled,” explains Morrison.

In addition to daily posts on subjects like pest management and weather conditions, there are also helpful garden checklists, a robust events calendar and weekly recipes made with produce from the writers’ own backyard and community garden plots. Readers can read articles and sign up for the daily newsletter at sacdigsgardening.blogspot.com.

“In theory, you could find this information yourself, but you have to ask the right questions and you have to know who to ask,” says Arrington. “We have seen that people want and need this information and that they appreciate it, and that’s been very rewarding.”

Debbie Arrington
Favorite flower to grow: ‘First Prize’ rose. “It’s a hot-pink hybrid tea rose.”
Favorite season in the garden: Fall
Most stubborn garden problem: Squirrels
Favorite garden tool: Goatskin gloves

Kathy Morrison
Favorite vegetable to grow: Juliet tomato, a 1999 All-America Selections winner
Favorite season in the garden: Spring. “That’s when everything is going in and I’m feeling optimistic.”
Most stubborn garden problem: “Keeping up with things. Mother Nature works 24 hours, but I don’t.”
Favorite garden tool: “A hand tool that has a cultivator on one side and a blade on other. It’s very efficient.”