Date Me Sacramento

Photography by Beth Baugher
Date Me Sacramento

Cupid may have met his match in Caleb Fong. He’s a native Sacramentan and the co-founder of Date Me Sacramento, a company that crafts distinctive dates. Fong, who is also a personal trainer, started the company with his girlfriend, Katja Piscitelli. “This is something we love to create for people,” Fong says about their date-arranging service. He’s Cupid-in-chief since Piscitelli started graduate school, but business hasn’t slowed. He puts together one or two special dates a week and his clients are mainly couples.

Fong plans the dates and handles the details; they are all-inclusive. He needs about two weeks to perform dating magic, but he will arrange a last-minute mea culpa for an anniversary or birthday. Everything can be done anonymously, so “you can take full credit for the date,” he says.

How does it work? Log on to the Date Me Sacramento website ( and choose your pricing level ($90 and up). Next, answer questions about yourself and your significant other, including whether you would be embarrassed to dress up in a chicken suit. (Seriously.) The questionnaire helps Fong discern your likes and dislikes, and lets him know how adventurous and romantic you are. Before your date, you’ll get a letter telling you what to wear and a hint of what to expect. An email explains where to start, and a heart-shaped balloon marks your destination.

Here’s a favorite date from Fong’s playbook: Take a horseback ride, followed by an afternoon picnic with champagne. Enjoy a special menu at Kru, paired with handcrafted spirits. End the evening with a private show, from a professional fire dancer, who will teach you how to swallow fire.

According to Fong, the secret to creating the perfect date is to do something different. “Stepping out of your comfort zone usually leads to an amazing experience,” he says.