Channeling Your Inner Jersey Girl


Big hair is back. Everywhere from the fashion runways of New York to the reality-TV beaches of “Jersey Shore,” women are sporting voluminous curls, perky bumps and towering bouffants. You can see the look at its most extreme on Snooki Polizzi, one of the breakout stars of “Jersey Shore,” who wears a prominent pouf of jet-black hair on the top of her head. But you don’t have to sport a Snooki to be in style. “Extreme looks filter down to the street,” explains Shane Zade, a hairdresser at downtown’s Space 07. “A little volume at the crown is mainstream again.” Zade, who splits his time between Sacramento and Los Angeles, has been preaching the gospel of big hair for more than a year. Women in L.A. get it, he says. In Sacramento? Not so much. “Sacramento women say, ‘Can you use the flat iron?’ I tell them we’re past that.” But big hair is here to stay, in Zade’s opinion: “I think you’ll be seeing it more and more. Sacramento will eventually embrace it.”