Bringing the Dinner Party Back

Sisters Hanna Ray Flores and Lea Raymond, ready to party. Photo by Susan Yee.

After growing up in Folsom with parents who hosted dinner parties every weekend, Hanna Ray Flores and Lea Raymond were astounded to learn that not everyone loves—or even knows how—to entertain. So the sisters started Hauste (pronounced host), which supplies digital dinner party guides to take the stress out of entertaining.

Each downloadable PDF, called a Hauste It, includes a menu for a three-course meal, along with recipes, shopping list, prep schedule, wine and cocktail pairings, styling tips and a curated playlist complete with Spotify link. Every party guide has a theme: There’s Tuscan Pasta, a romantic dinner for two; Salmon & Orzo, a Sunday supper for six; and Tacos & Tequila, a build-your-own-taco bar for eight. To eliminate the guesswork, each guide comes with an estimated cost per person and difficulty level, from easy to pro. A graphic designer, Flores oversees the guide’s visuals; Raymond handles social media. Together, they personally develop, stage and photograph each Hauste It. “We do these dinner parties ourselves to make sure they flow,” says Flores. “They’re tested and vetted.”

The guides cost $22–$32 and are strictly digital for now, but the sisters hope to someday
sell kits that include items such as candles and napkins. (But not food; it’s too difficult to ship.) They already have a nationwide presence, with 120,000 Instagram followers and customers living as far away as New Jersey. Meanwhile, they’re adding new Hauste Its all the time—this month, it’s a British tea party to celebrate the premiere of season two of the sexy Netflix series “Bridgerton.” For more information, go to or IG