Pet Mania: Big Dogs – Great Pyrenees

Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club Rescue knows all about the biggest of dogs.
big dogs Great Pyrenees

If you are wondering what to expect if you adopt a Great Pyrenees, sometimes referred to as a Gentle Giant, the Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club, Inc. Rescue website lays it all out: They eat 4–6 cups of food per day. They are not high-energy dogs (typically) and are ill-suited for joggers. The application questionnaire is lengthy—57 questions—all in an effort to ensure that adopting a Great Pyrenees is a good fit. “They are a wonderful breed but they are not for everyone,” says Pam Tobin, president and rescue chair of the organization, which has been around for nearly 40 years. However, she says that once you have a Great Pyrenees, you’ll be hooked. “They don’t only get into your heart; they burrow themselves into your soul,” she says. After you adopt a dog from the organization, you’re part of the club, so to speak. “We are a resource to them for the life of the dog,” says Tobin. (916) 791-7580;