A Place for Every Body

This new East Sac gym welcomes all genders.
Queers and Allies Fitness
Photo by Gabriel Teague

Hayden Glenn noticed a dearth of fitness facilities in the Sacramento area that cater to the LGBTQ+ community. So this past December, Glenn, a personal trainer, and his business partner, Sarah Serbic, opened QUEERS AND ALLIES FITNESS in East Sacramento.

With cardio and weight machines, free weights, classes, one-on-one coaching and training, and sports massage, the gym has something for everybody in its 2,500-square-foot space (with an additional 5,000 square feet outdoors). Personal training programs can be geared toward somebody who is transitioning. Queers and Allies offers female-to-male (FTM) and nonbinary chest masculinization programs. The programs were developed by Glenn, a transgender male, who says he went through the strength and recovery experience without trans-specific guidance after his own top surgery.

“Our chest masculinization program helps individuals reduce the fatty tissue around the chest while simultaneously building muscle,” explains Glenn, who has a master’s in sports psychology. “Building up strength and reducing body fat helps trans-masc and nonbinary individuals with post-op recovery, both mentally and physically. It can also help the surgeon work with the person’s contour to provide better aesthetic results. Alternatively, folks who have already had top surgery can use our programs to focus on post-op recovery and shaping the chest.”

Glenn and Serbic are intentional about creating a workout space that is welcoming to everyone.

“We’re creating something where you come in knowing that this is an accepting space and it’s not OK to make somebody feel less than,” says Serbic, who also owns Geometry Salon in midtown. “We really want this to be a body-positive, gender-positive, all-shapes-and-sizes-positive community.”

The name, Queers and Allies Fitness, says it all. “It’s a name that embodies both of us and is straight to the point,” says Serbic, who identifies as an ally. “People know what it is when they are looking at it.”

Queers and Allies Fitness

1770 36th St.;
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