A New Kind of Curb Address

sac curb painting

Painted house address numbers with unique neighborhood logos are popping up on street curbs and driveways all over Sacramento. They’re the brainchild of Brian Moreno, a local entrepreneur who came up with a better way to signal a home address from the street. “I got tired of seeing those ugly numbers,” he said of the typical curb address: black numerals hastily stenciled over a strip of white. His design is a bit more elaborate: a 6-by-24-inch white rectangle featuring the house numbers, painted black in a sleek midcentury-modern font on the right, and a neighborhood logo, also painted black, on the left. Moreno designed the bold silhouette logos himself, using symbols that relate to something distinctive about each neighborhood: a rooster for Fair Oaks, an elk for Elk Grove, a bicycle for midtown and so on. Moreno currently offers curb paintings for 56 Sacramento-area neighborhoods, from Alhambra Triangle to Wilhaggin. The cost is $35 for a single curb address. (Moreno donates $5 from each sale to Habitat for Humanity.) To book a curb painting, go to www.saccurbpainting.com/services.

curb painting