A New Kind of Brazilian


Brazilian Blowout is the hottest thing to hit area hair salons since the flat iron. Local stylist Elon Burnett, owner of A-Nother Salon, began offering the pricey hair-smoothing treatment about six months ago. “It’s pretty big,” she says. “I’m getting more calls than ever.” Here’s the skinny:

What it is:
A salon treatment using a trademarked product to flatten the hair cuticle
What it does: Makes frizzy hair smooth
How it’s done: The stylist applies the product, blows your hair dry, flat irons each section at least three times, then rinses the product out.
Cost: $175–$300
How long it lasts: Up to three months
Perfect candidate: Someone with frizzy, damaged or processed hair
Some places to get it done: A-Nother Salon, The Spa at Arden Hills, Article Salon (Roseville), Hoshall’s Salon & Spa (Folsom)