A Flower Pop-Up for Valentine’s Day

Photo from Bloomwagen Flower Truck Instagram
Bloomwagen Flower Truck

If you haven’t already ordered flowers for Valentine’s Day, it’s too late now, busterMost florists have already closed their books. You could always swing by Safeway on Sunday morning for a prefab bouquet, but you’re not going to win any brownie points that way. Here’s a better idea: Drop by DOCO’s main plaza this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., when Bloomwagen Flower Truck will be out with an assortment of beautiful blooms. The truck—a charmingly renovated 1969 Volkswagen Transporter double cab bus—is run by Heather Kelley and Tori Bonzell, a mother-daughter duo who source distinctive, unusual flowers mostly from local farms. They sell everything by the stem, so you can pick out a lovely bouquet for as little as $15. In a recent phone interview, Bonzell answered some burning questions about buying flowers for your valentine.

What do you think about the traditional go-to for Valentine’s Day: a bouquet of red roses?
We’re not really rose gals, with the exception of—when they’re in season—David Austin roses. They are quite different from your standard garden rose. But we know a lot of people are, so we’re going to have some. What we like to have on the truck are things you don’t find if you walk into Safeway or Trader Joe’s. Gabiosa, for instance: It’s not something you typically find, but it ‘s really pretty and it’s unique.

How should someone shop for flowers for Valentine’s Day?
We encourage people to think about it. What would your wife enjoy? What colors does she like? Everyone has seen that clichéd bouquet of roses and baby’s breath since the 1980s. We encourage people to be more creative. Put an extra level of thought into itYou should be able to say, I made this for you.

Should women should buy flowers for men on Valentine’s Day?
You know, I love this question. I’ve been married for nine years. When we were younger, my husband would buy flowers for me. But over time, as we’ve gotten older and have our own house now, he says flowers make the house feel homey. It’s the little things that make your space a home. So I say yes, why not bring your man some flowers for Valentine’s Day? Or anyone. We get a lot of galentines: women buying flowers for their moms or their hairstylist or their girlfriends. It’s been a tough year. Everybody needs a little bit of love.

What flowers would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day?
If I could have any flower, I would want butterfly ranunculus. They’re so beautiful. They’re kind of like when a tulip blows open, but a little featherier and fluffier. But I don’t think they’re available right now. In lieu of that, I’d say anything that had a little bit of thought put into it, outside of your cliché Valentinesy stuff.