Artist Collectors: Kim Squaglia

Kim Squaglia

Kim Squaglia’s wondrous works are ones to pore over—that’s because their layers and layers of clear glossy resin and colorful paint give them an almost holographic appeal. Though her thriving real estate business keeps her busy with showings of another kind, the Sacramento native can frequently be found in her home studio, creating paintings for collectors, corporations and clients alike. Squaglia’s work has been shown locally, nationally and internationally—and is a part of the permanent collections at the Crocker Art Museum, Microsoft and Neiman Marcus.

Wall Art

How does art speak to you?

I think art should bring one pleasure, and not always in the traditional sense of the word. For example, if a piece of art makes me feel longingly, there is a kind of pleasure in that connection. Like when you are sad and you hear a sad song, and then you turn it up.

Is it love at first sight, or do you think it over for a while before purchasing?

Love at first sight! I should probably think about things a bit more before I purchase, for financial reasons mostly. Those galleries know what they are doing when they provide wine. One glass of wine and my wallet flies open. However, I have never been regretful over a purchase of art—only those times I should have and didn’t.


What’s currently on your art wish list?

Here in town, Gioia Fonda is on my wish list. I was bidding on a piece at Verge Center for the Arts’ auction last year, and I regret not going higher. She is next on my list.

What is the most meaningful piece of art you own?

I have an amazing Picasso print, which looks like a portrait of Dali. It was from a series of 300 prints that his granddaughter made from his original litho stones. It is simple and beautiful and was a gift from my mom.

Top right: Jose Di Gregorio; Bottom right: William Ishmael
Jose Di Gregorio
“ I think Jose Di Gregorio is going places. He has just tapped into the surface of what he is going to do in the future, and it’s already magical.”
William Ishmael
“ My son is a huge fan of William Ishmael and was trying to broker a trade for a large piece, but for the time being, we purchased a smaller one. Still hoping to do the trade at some point, though!”

Beyond aesthetics, why is your art collection important to you?

When I leave this earth, hopefully as a much older woman, I will leave behind the children I have raised, the art I have created and the art I have collected—and I think they will be reflections of a well-lived life. I am grateful for the joy art brings to my life. 

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