10 p.m. News Anchor

Donna Cordova, FOX40

Donna Cordova, FOX40; www.fox40.com
Donna Cordova has anchored FOX40’s 10 p.m. weekday newscasts since 1994. For Cordova, who considers herself somewhat nocturnal, the late shift is great. “It allows me time to ease into the workday,” she says. “I love my job because things are constantly changing and busy. I come from a large family; I am used to a little chaos.” Still, hitting the sack well after midnight (“I’m typically roaming the house until around 2 a.m.”) and getting up early to see her children off to school can be a bit tiring, but Cordova copes. “Thank goodness for mid-morning naps,” she quips. In addition to her anchoring duties, Cordova—who, along with other FOX40 on-air talent, is often requested to perform mistress and master of ceremony duties at local events—produces an award-winning series called “A Place Called Home.” “We profile area children up for adoption,” she explains, “and we work to dispel the myths surrounding the adoption process.”